Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Sherlock Holmes - The Scarlet Claw Part 1

More often than not, the first reel of these particular films are catolouged on the same page as parts two and three. As I had some Castle Films in this blog, I wanted to keep them where I could easily locate them over a long period of time. The previous entry, dated later, will probably be a different film, from the same series. I have Veoh and Veedh, which features foriegn classic film on my DivdX player, but the films are only an hour several minutes long, so it really isn't wasting a blog entry. They have writers such as Edgar Wallace and the Mr. Wong series with Boris Karloff, and Earl Der Biggers was fine author although I haven't found time yet. I did find the radio program Murder by Experts, which features the radio voice of author John Dickson Carr, introducing short story author that were frequently featured in Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine. That notwithstanding, one program I did listen to, in addition to rebroadcasts of The Shadow and Margo Lane, was the CBS Radio Mystery Theater, with E.G Marshall, which is slightly profound in its quest for universal truths that are moral, or "aestheticly ethical". After listening to what seems more than 40 episodes in two weeks, I ventured back to film. But if your typing and have two browsers- or Lunascape with splitscreen, Old Time Radio, including Tom Conway replacing Rathbone as the radio Holmes ( a series in which Nigel Bruce stayed after Rathbone left) is an easy way to simultaneously write and have read to you. The Inner Sanctum is a series I sandwiched in between listening to the 1974 CBS Radio Mystery Theater broadcasts and those that were recorded in 1977-including an episode that starred Boris Karloff that was extremely well written. I have yet to find anything from Josephine Tey or Naigo Marsh, but Nero Wolfe is interesting to listen to for the one hour.
There were in fact as many oldtimeradio shows about the supernatural and ghosts as there were the detective mystery, and I'm still waiting to possibly try them. They were made years before Rathbone starred as Holmes